Life changing events

My oldest son has been the one to inspire me to share his story. He was a fighter someone who has shown me what faith really is. My son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which is a solid tumor on your adrenal gland. I'll start by taking you guys through the beginning of a very life changing event. He was diagnosed at 9 years old and was in and out of the childrens hospital for a year.
He had been very sick and I couldn't seem to get him better. So finally it was a trip to the doctors office that gave us gut wrenching news. We went in for a normal "sick" visit, when the doctor started pressing on his stomach to see if he had pain or she could feel anything. That's when she pressed down on his right side and it hurt him. She immediately start checking his lymph nodes and then called her nurse in to order a series of blood tests. Once those were done we received a call stating we needed to come to the hospital to do an MRI. Once we got there Carson had to drink this nasty drink which would highlight the things the needed to look at. We were then sent home to get some rest until we received what was going on. I treated the kids to their favorite drink a white chocolate moo 🐮 at that point anything he would drink or eat was a big win for me.

Randee Ramos